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Here are some examples of our work.


Hats are the most in fasion item on the clothing market right now. You can really make a statement for your brand with a quatliy hat that fits comfortably. We picked a few brands that we have proven to be the best.

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Let's be honest, no one wants to wear a boxy shirt that feels like cardboard anymore. People want fitted and comfortable. You want people to wear your brand right? So give the people what they want!

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Whether you believe in masks or not, your customers want to support you in these trying times. Put your logo on your own custom mask and show some school spirit, or pride, or a smartass comment showing how much you hate these things. We offer embroidery or digital print and an array of options for the mask. Wear something comfortable when you have to, but remember... Don't Drive with your mask on!


Banners are important for marketing. You can make smaller banners for events, or giant banners to cover a wall. They are all thick vinyl for durability and come in matte or gloss. Don't forget to make a step and repeat for your event!

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If you have a great idea to market your business, Satellite PrintLab can help make it a reality.

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